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  • What is “Wholesale Travel”?


     The major internet travel sites are doing their best to make sure you don’t find out! Almost all the travel “discount sites” are owned by the same parent companies, which means price-checking across multiple sites never results in much of a price difference.

    If you’ve ever wondered why, find out – and do something different!

    Consumers have been conditioned to search for
    discounted travel through major internet sites such as Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Priceline and more…but once you see how “the system” works, you’ll never look at booking travel the same way again.

  • About Us

    "Voted "Fastest Growing Travel Company in America" by Inc Magazine for 4 years in a row, Travel Transparency provides wholesale travel opportunities to our members who wish to stay in luxurious resorts without the burdensome cost of ownership. We've saved our members more than $66 million collectively. Our members also enjoy true wholesale pricing on hotels, private residences and more while earning exclusive reward credits that can be used for almost anything including future dream trips."

    Hotels at guaranteed lower prices than every public travel site! Typically 30-50% or more off Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz and Priceline

    Access to timeshare resorts without maintenance fees guaranteed lowest prices on hotels, luxury villas, cruises and more…

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    Travel smarter, more often, and for less money, EVERY TIME!